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In StreetRats your goal is to save money to rent an apartment and eventually go to a rehab program. It's hard living on the streets trying to fulfill your basic needs. You need to find / buy / steal food and water. You need to find a safe place to sleep away from the cops and muggers.  Most importantly you need money to feed the addiction of your choice. Choose 1 of 3 modes: Easy - Alcoholic, Medium - Stimulant Addict, Hard - Heroin Addict. Earning money is hard, but luckily you have some skills. Play the guitar on the street and beg for tips, fight muggers or fellow homeless people to win prizes, or sell items you find.

Fight your friends in the 2 player boxing mini game!


WASD + Mouse = Look and move

Left Shift = Sprint

E = Open inventory

R = Switch menu view

Tab = Open settings

To play just unzip the file and launch StreetRats.exe!

Disclaimer: This game contains offensive language and drug use (it's about a drug addict after all). Do not play it if you are offended easily! If you are cool, give it a try! Please report bugs to yeastygames@gmail.com.

Release date Nov 02, 2018
GenreSimulation, Fighting, Survival
Made withUnity
TagsComedy, guitar, Open World
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


StreetRats for 64 bit Windows 93 MB


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great game! innovative and fun